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Unsubscribing from VT Alerts

Phone Alerts

Updating contact information

To update your phone, text, and/or non-Virginia Tech email address preferences: Students and employees who wish to update their VT Alerts preferences or unsubscribe may do so by logging into the registration website. Once logged in, users can update contact methods (text, phone call, email) and contact information (phone numbers and a non-Virginia Tech email address and change the regions for which they would like to receive notifications).


To unsubscribe from phone alerts users  MUST login to the registration website. Select “Unsubscribe from VT Alerts” at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.

Desktop Alerts


To unsubscribe from desktop alerts users will need to uninstall the application from their desktop computer.

Twitter Alerts


If you have a Twitter account: Log into your Twitter account and click the blue “Following” button on the top right side of the page. The button will turn red and say “Unfollow.”

If you don’t have a Twitter account or if your cell phone number is not linked to your Twitter account: Text “STOP” to the number 40404.

Leaving Virginia Tech?

All students who are graduating or who otherwise will no longer be a Virginia Tech student and any employee leaving Virginia Tech are asked to unsubscribe to VT Alerts. Doing so helps recuces the number of subscribers and helps ensure that notifications are delivered as quickly as possible to those students and employees who truly need to receive information when messages are sent.

Accounts are deactivated when a student has not registered for classes after any four continuous semesters (e.g., fall, spring, summer session one, and summer session two). Any student can activate or reactivate an account upon registering for classes in any semester. Accounts will be immediately deactivated if it has been determined (after due process) that a user has intentionally abused or harmed the system.

Users are notified when their subscription is deactivated and can check the status of their subscription for phone alerts by logging into the registration website.