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About VT Alerts

What is VT Alerts?

VT Alerts is Virginia Tech's Emergency Notification System. In a campus emergency, Virginia Tech will use several information delivery methods to reach you because, at any given time, one form of communications might be better to reach you than another. VT Alerts will deliver messages using some or all of the following channels:

  • The Virginia Tech homepage (
  • Broadcast e-mails to all accounts *
  • Electronic message boards in classrooms
  • The weather/emergency hotline (540-231-6668)
  • Campus sirens and loudspeakers
  • VT Phone Alerts *
  • VT Desktop Alerts

* Virginia Tech students, staff, and faculty may receive VT Phone Alerts messages and university ( e-mail notification specifically targeted to university facilities in six key regions across Virginia – National Capital Region, Abingdon, Danville, Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Roanoke – as well as the Blacksburg campus.  All other elements of VT Alerts will only be used for emergency messages intended for the Blacksburg community.

Attention Google Voice users: The SMS portion of VT Alerts cannot send text messages via Google Voice, therefore, you should use the direct number for your mobile telephone for the text message option.

    Text message

What do I need to do to receive emergency notifications?

You will receive emergency notifications for the Blacksburg region through all delivery methods except for VT Phone Alerts and VT Desktop Alerts without taking any action.

How do I get notifications via VT Phone Alerts?

VT Phone Alerts is a subscriber-only feature of VT Alerts that allows you to receive urgent notifications where and how you want, even if you're away from your computer or university phone. You must have a Virginia Tech PID to subscribe.

VT Phone Alerts allows you to list up to three contact methods. You may rank your contact methods in a preferred order of delivery. However, the university reserves the right to send messages to your points of contact in the order that will allow for greatest expediency of delivery. You must subscribe to VT Phone Alerts to receive emergency notifications through this method.

You need your Virginia Tech PID and password to get started. Once you decide to subscribe, you will be guided step-by-step through the subscription process. You can log back into the system anytime to change or add contact information. 

Who is eligible to subscribe to VT Phone Alerts?

VT Phone Alerts is available to current Virginia Tech students, faculty, staff, and certain special affiliates. Read more about who is eligible to subscribe to VT Phone Alerts.

Individuals who have a valid need to receive VT Phone Alerts because of their relationship or proximity to the Blacksburg campus can submit a subscription request. Learn more about that process.

How do I get notifications via VT Desktop Alerts?

VT Desktop Alerts sends a notice to your desktop or laptop computer, wherever you are as long as you are connected to the Internet. You do not need to be on campus. However, to activate this feature of VT Alerts you must download the VT Desktop Alerts application to your computer. VT Desktop Alerts is only activated with emergency messages intended for the Blacksburg community.

Subscribe now

Signing up for VT Phone Alerts is quick and easy. Just sign in to the system and follow the instructions on the screen.

Learn about eligibility for those without a VT PID (a unique campus qualifier).

Download VT Desktop Alerts to your Mac or PC.


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