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Safety and security on the Virginia Tech campus

Virginia Tech is committed to ensuring a safe and secure campus environment exists for all students, faculty, and staff. In doing so, the following measures are in place in order to better safeguard our community.

Campus and residence hall community

  • 89 blue light safety phones are spread throughout the campus and local community; all safety phones are connected to the campus 911 emergency operator.
  • Virginia Tech sidewalks and pathways are well-lit for students, faculty, and staff walking to and from class or car during the night. Lighting is routinely checked for proper function, and reports are made to a dispatcher for replacement of a bulb or repair if needed.
  • Residential buildings are now locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week and only accessible through a key card (Hokie Passport).
  • Only residents with a key card (Hokie Passport) may access their residence building. Be alert for "tailgaters," people who don't live in the building who follow a resident inside.
  • Door alarms will sound, alerting police, if an exterior door is propped open in a residence hall.
  • A list is maintained of on-campus students with special needs for safety planning or evacuation assistance due to visual, hearing, or other temporary or permanent disabilities.
  • Smoke detectors are in all residence halls and fire drills occur at least once per semester in residence halls.
  • Resident advisors collaborate with the Virginia Tech police to support the “Gotcha Program” in which officers patrol residence halls for unlocked doors and other safety issues and leave a note warning students that their belongings or personal safety could have been in jeopardy had the officer been a criminal.
  • Resident advisors work evening shifts during which they make scheduled rounds throughout their residence hall checking for safety or health concerns. Reports are made to resident directors or police as needed.

Virginia Tech police

  • The Virginia Tech Police Department is a nationally accredited, full-service, 102-person law enforcement agency with 53 sworn officers.
  • In addition to 911 response, Virginia Tech provides a police dispatcher on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 540-231-6411.
  • When calling 911 from a cellphone, be sure to tell the dispatcher that you're on the Virginia Tech campus. That way, if you've reached Virginia State Police or a neighboring law enforcement agency, that dispatcher can route your call to Virginia Tech police.
  • The Virginia Tech Police Department works closely with the Division of Student Affairs to ensure the safety of our students through the following initiatives:
    • Crime Hotline (anyone can anonymously report a crime – more information can be found at the VT police website)
    • Safe Ride (a Virginia Tech police-sponsored program that operates from dusk until dawn to provide transportation or a walking escort upon request to individuals who have to cross campus alone during the nighttime; contact 540-231-SAFE.)
    • Campus Watch Night Time Patrol (offered by the VT police department – patrol personnel are near or around the areas of residence halls from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m.)
    • Awareness Bulletins (daily reports posted about crimes that may be occurring or warnings of potential dangers can be found at the VT police website)

In addition to the evident security features in place, Virginia Tech also offers a variety of educational and safety programs throughout the academic year to inform and educate students about the importance of campus safety and security. The Virginia Tech events calendar is your source for obtaining up-to-date postings about safety and security programs to come.

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